Design Trends Part 3

Finishing up our Design Trends from Sally Morse.

Automated Systems for your home

Gadgets that we previously saw only in a James Bond movie are now a part of our daily lives. Lighting, heating and cooling, security systems, even kitchen appliances — and, yes, window fashions — can be automated and controlled remotely. With Hunter Douglas Platinum Technology, you can raise or lower window fashions like honeycomb shades using a wireless remote control.

Eco Designs

Making the green grade means different things to different people. At Hunter Douglas, one of our green standards is energy conservation. In 1985, we invented the highly energy-efficient Duette honeycomb shades in response to the energy crisis of the late 1970s. More recently, we've introduced the Duette Architella Collection, which offer superior energy efficiency thanks to their patented honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction.

Upload Your Own Photo

Not long ago, visualizing how a new style might look on you—or in your home—took a professional eye. Today, a growing number of online tools provide that valuable perspective by allowing you to upload your own photo. To see how Hunter Douglas products will look in your home, visit the iMagine™ Design Center and upload your own photo. Finding just the right product, fabric and color has never been easier.

Sleep Better

I used to suffer from lack of sleep until I properly covered my windows with room-darkening fabrics. To determine if a fabric from Hunter Douglas will block out light, look at the sample swatch's opacity rating - the higher, the better. Or, hold a sample swatch up to a shade-less lamp with a high wattage. For a close-up view of fabric selections, visit The Hunter Douglas iMagine™ Design Center or visit your local Hunter Douglas dealer...US here at Home Touch!

Metallic Surfaces

Alluring and theatrical, metallic surfaces are back in style. You'll see them as primary and secondary design elements throughout the home, from stainless steel furniture to gold leaf accessories. At Hunter Douglas, you'll find many window fashions featuring distinctive metallic hardware surfaces. Visit The Hunter Douglas iMagine™ Design Center to see these product features up close.


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