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New Fabrics

We received an update to our fabric collection today. There are some really nice new fabrics. Here are some of my favorites.      

If you are in the market for custom draperies, bedding, top treatments or even throw pillows. Contact us to see our full selection of fabrics. I'm thinking I need to use some of these in my house.

Color of the Month

According to HGTV the color of the month for March is Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua.

So I thought it would be fun to show you how you can incorporate the color, or a variance of it into your window treatments. I think it is a very cool color, and very cheerful and uplifting. Great for spring!

Going green for St. Patty's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we are talking about "GREEN"...
For over 60 years, Hunter Douglas has been creating and offering natural and appealing ways to harness heat and light. In the winter, heat leaves through the window when you need it, yet becomes trapped inside in the summer when you don't. Heat loss and gain drive our energy usage up. It can be felt in our monthly utility bills and calculated in our collective carbon emissions.
Today, Hunter Douglas is committed to lowering our energy usage and implementing other changes that will ultimately reduce our carbon footprint by 20%. Our overriding goal, though, is to help our customers everywhere save energy the natural way by effectively channeling and exploiting the natural power of the sun. That's Hunter Green. It reminds us of our unique roots, of who we are today and of where we need to go. And while there are many shades of green in today's world, there is only one Hunter Green.
More specifically, the …

Motorized Window Coverings

Have hard to reach windows, or just like the idea of being able to push a button to operate your window coverings? Not to mention, very safe for children, eliminating all cords, leaving a much cleaner and safer window covering, and it's just cool! We can motorize just about any type of window covering. Here is a breif overview of what we can do.

Re-Thinking Style

Another great article from Sally Morse Re-Thinking StyleAt the recent design shows in Frankfurt and Paris, I witnessed a trend and want to share it with all of you. It consists of three Rs: Rediscover, recycle, and reuse.

Let's start with rediscover. Have you heard of the saying, "Everything old is new again"? Your old stuff might look new, so go for a treasure hunt in your house or maybe a relatives. Check your basement, closets, attic, and garage. Recently, my mother moved from Atlanta back to the Chicago area by me and needed some help getting settled. While I was unpacking boxes, I found some treasures that my mother had found from years ago. The pieces looked great in her new house.

Also, I rediscovered new looks for some of the existing window coverings. The previous owners had installed Country Woods® Genuine Woods blinds in the bedroom. With the cottage style of the home, we decided to soften the interior by hanging embroidered sheers over the blinds. I discovere…

Can you afford Cheap Blinds? Salt Lake City, Utah

Do Cheap Blinds really save you money? Our belief is that buying cheap window coverings costs more in the end. Our customers can't AFFORD cheap blinds. With Hunter Douglas products, we feel confident that we can offer an affordable, quality product at a fair price. We hope you'll agree!

"Bargain Blinds" aren't really a bargain when they start to warp and discolor. You'll find our Hunter Douglas blinds are the better deal -- better quality, better looks, and a lifetime warranty -- all at an affordable price.
Hunter Douglas has Value-priced products Many people assume that because Hunter Douglas is the leader in the window coverings industry, they only offer the most expensive, premium products.

Within each product category, Hunter Douglas actually offers a good-better-best product selection. The difference between these value-priced products and CHEAP products, however, is that these all contain quality components and come with the Hunter Douglas limited lif…

Provenance® Woven Woods

There’s something so magical about light pouring through bamboo, reeds and grasses. Discover how this can change the feeling of your home with Provenance®Style.  A unique blend of wood, reeds, grasses and bamboo. These exotic pairings of nature result in stunning combinations that filter the amount of light
entering the room. _The optional classic woven wood shade cascades fabric from the front of the headrail so there’s no need for a valance.
_ Edge banding, decorative hems and trim options allow you to customize your shades.
_ Enjoy extra privacy with light filtering and room-darkening fabric opacity options.
_Optional applications include Top-Down/Bottom-Up, and mounting two or three shades on one headrail.
_ Angled windows can easily be covered with Provenance woven wood shades.
_Gentle five-inch fabric folds  form when Provenance shades are raised. The fabric lays flat when in the lowered position.
 • Slim-profile turned headrail — For narrow mounting depths and door-mounted shades.Redu…


Have you thought about layering as a design strategy? It's a beautiful and practical trend that's growing in home fashion. Layering brings a mix of colors, textures and styles into perfect harmony and often provides important functionality.

Think soft rugs atop gleaming hardwood or tile floors in the living room and great room. Consider fluffy throws and textured pillows heaped on sleek sofas and, of course, lots of decorative pillows adorning your bed.

At the window, layering is key too, for both fashion and function. The first layer can be a light-filtering one, providing the soft diffusion of light, or it can provide privacy and light control. A myriad of shades or blinds can fill this need. Then add a decorative layer to finish the look, with soft treatments such as valances, draperies or Roman shades.

You'll like the look when you layer your home fashions!

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