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Spring Planning

This is the latest article written by the wonderful Sally Morse from Hunter Douglas . During the winter, I dream of my garden. As the days start to get a little longer and brighter, my dreaming turns to planning. And how I plan for my garden isn't really all that different from the process I go through as an interior designer when making decisions about how to bring out the beauty in a room. Let's take a look at what I mean. My new home has limited space, so planning is essential for garden success. The first thing I think about is function . This year I will be tearing out many trees and evergreens that were planted too close together or in the wrong spot. But what are the functions of those trees and shrubs? Well, privacy is one function. My house is adjacent to a busy street and a golf course, so I need privacy, and planting the right trees and shrubs can give me that. Those plantings can also provide shade, helping to keep my home cooler during the summer. Now let

Fresh Ideas for Your Home

A beautiful neutral look is all about layering, and it’s about getting past beige. We’ve all heard that beige is boring, but neutral colors are not just about beige. The key to using neutrals is to   Think beyond beige. Open your mind to soft grays, creamy ivories, light browns and taupes. A neutral color scheme can also include light, washed-out shades of blue, yellow, green, pink and purple. Do you have a dramatic view outside your windows? A sparkling city skyline, a tree-filled forest scene or a beautiful seascape? A neutral decorating scheme is perfect because it helps focus your visitors’ eyes on the view instead of the room itself. Neutral can go traditional or modern, formal or informal. And in any style, it makes a room feel calm, relaxing, soft and serene. • Think natural wood and stone for flooring. • Take a look at textured linens, soft cottons and elegant silks for furnishings. • Consider natural grasses and sisals for rugs, wall