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Fresh Ideas for Your Home

Decorating with aqua adds the serenity of the sea to your home. Summer is the perfect time to add this delightful color. Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades, Salt Lake City, Ut What exactly is the color aqua? It's hard to define because aqua is a combination of blue and green and maybe a little gray or beige. The amounts of each hue can vary, and that's why aqua comes in so many different-and beautiful- shades, from the softest pale to quite bold. And that's why there are so many names for aqua, including aquamarine, teal, sea glass, cyan, turquoise and more.  When you add aqua to your decorating mix, the feeling you achieve depends on the shade of aqua you select and the colors in your rooms. For a beachy vibe, add items you've collected at the seashore such as driftwood, shells, and natural grasses. For a more formal look, use aqua as you would any other accent color, with the formal, modern or eclectic accessories you like best.  The color and desi