Design Trends Part 2

Continuing on with our feature on Design Trends, here are the next few from Sally Morse

Open Bed/Bath Suites

Intimate and enchanting: Open bed/bath suites appeal to our private selves. With fewer walls inside your house, now more than ever you'll want window fashions that provide optimal privacy and lighting control.

Sizing Up Area Rugs

With the popularity of hardwood floors, area rugs have become the solution for warming up rooms. But buying the right size can be a challenge. A few suggestions: In the foyer, choose a rug big enough for a guest to step on. In the living room, anchor the rug with furniture. In the dining room, measure the distance from the chairs on all four sides. Add 56 inches to these figures, ample space for pulling chairs onto the rug. Mix and match your shades! For example, Pirouette® window shadings work well with an antique area rug. Just match a color in the rug to your shades.


Looking for the perfect crowning touch to your window treatment? Striking yet subtle, cornices of all styles transform an ordinary room into an elegant and memorable setting. Coined from the Italian word cornice (which means "ledge"), the horizontal molding provides an extra accent of style as well as structural focus to virtually any room. This design element will draw your eye upward, adding expansive height and space to your living area. At Hunter Douglas, you'll discover a wide selection of beautiful cornices and first-rate stains.


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