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Decorating with Gray

Decorating in many shades of gray adds layered elegance. Gray is a versatile and sensuous color to include in your home decor. Gray is a very flexible interior design color because it comes in so many variations; in fact, there are probably at least fifty shades of gray! People most often use gray as a neutral, instead of beige, white or cream. You can go cool or warm, depending on the version of gray you select. There are so many shades, and very few of them are simply a mix of black and white. Usually gray includes tones of blue, pink, green, yellow or other colors. Gray can come in varying intensities too, from the lightest dove gray to dark steel gray. And don’t just think of gray as a solid, smooth color when you use it in design. Part of the beauty of gray is in its texture; think wood grain in flooring and furniture, texture in tweed or silk fabrics, and matte or lacquer finish in paint. Gray is subtle and goes well with a lot of colors, letting the oth

Top 5 Quick Tips for Saving Energy at the Window

Keep your Utah home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer Ensure your windows and doors are properly weather-stripped. Caulk around basement and storm windows. When heating or cooling, keep windows locked. Open your window coverings during sunny  winter  days to catch free solar heat then close them at night to keep that heat in. Close your window coverings during  summer  days to keep the heat out. Without energy-efficient window treatments, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. In winter months, your home heating escapes to the outdoors through your windows while in the summertime, the outside heat flows into your home through these same windows. With  window treatments that provide insulation , you can reduce energy consumption, save on heating and cooling costs, and create a more comfortable atmosphere The warmth provided by the sun, its solar energy, may be desirable during the win

Room Darkening and Blackout Explained

Getting Light Under Control Need to darken your bedroom to help you sleep more soundly? Reduce glare on your television when watching a movie? Hunter Douglas offers a range of options for the right amount of room darkness.  "Blackout" Explained If you want to block out as much natural light as possible, look for Hunter Douglas products designated with our highest Privacy & Light Control rating of 5. These products offer not only fabrics and materials with maximum light-blocking qualities, but they are uniquely designed to minimize light gaps, seams and rout holes such as the de-Light™ feature on many of our horizontal blinds. Window shades and blinds cannot completely eliminate incoming light as there are almost always slight light gaps.  Everwood Truegrain Alternative wood blinds, for more information, visit our page here. Room-Darkening Materials and Fabrics While every Hunter Douglas product allows you some measure of light control, some produc