Window treatment solutions for sliding glass doors, utah

This has been one of the most popular posts, so I'm updating it and publishing it again. If you need help with ideas for sliding glass doors, or want to see any of these options in person, please contact us, we would love to help.

I get asked constantly from clients how to cover sliding glass doors. There are actually a lot of options...

There is the standard go-to of vertical blinds, which work really well for sliding glass doors. You can tilt the vanes as well as draw them open.
But I must admit, when my clients ask the question it is usually, "What is there to cover a sliding glass door besides the typical vertical blinds?" So... I thought I would show you all some different options.

 If you want a more modern look to the vertical blind. There are the Skyline gliding panels. I must say these are really cool. They traverse back and forth, but don't tilt open like standard vertical blinds. They are available in many different fabrics and screen shades depending on the amount of privacy and light control you want.

Then there is the Duette Vertiglide option. This reminds me a little of an accordion door, they slide back and forth on a top track and stack to just 6 1/2" no matter the width of the blind. That is great for someone with not a lot of wall space to accommodate a lot of stacking to clear the window completely. This product is also very insulating.

Of course you can always do drapery panels on doors as well. Push them off to the side when you want them open and close them when you need the privacy. Depending on the size or the door or window however, there can be a lot of fabric that can be bulky or heavy, so may not be a good option if you are going for more of a cleaner look.

The Luminette privacy sheer. This is an awesome way to combine the privacy and light control of a vertical blind and the softness and look of a drapery. Soft face fabric in permanently bonded to fabric vanes, offering full view-through and discreet privacy.

There is also the option of putting shutters on sliding doors. This is not my favorite option because of the room shutters need on the door, they can sometimes look bulky, and they will block a lot of your view/light, but if you love shutters and have them on other windows throughout the house, they could be a good option of you. 

There are two types of shutters options, depending on how much wall space you have or depth into the room. 

Bi-fold shutters will fold off the window. This will allow you to open up the shutters more, but will be sticking out into the room the depth of the panels once they are folded off the window. 

Bi-pass shutters will slide back and forth in front of each other, but if you don't have a lot of wall space for the shutters to rest at when open, then part, or at the most, half of the door will always be covered depending on how many panels you have. 

So there you have it. Several option for sliding glass doors. Please fell free to let us know if we can help you with a window treatment challenge you have and of course visit our showroom to see any of these options in person.


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