Decorating Ideas for Salt Lake City, Utah

Decorating in Pairs

Two of almost any home furnishings adds soothing symmetry and balance.

Two of almost any home furnishings adds soothing symmetry and balance. - Salt Lake City UT

It’s easy. Just add one home furnishing element,
such as a throw pillow, picture or chair; then repeat.

Interior design elements that lend themselves to pairing include:
- Furniture, such as chairs, ottomans, end tables, even sofas
- Throw pillows and decorative towels
- Artwork hanging on walls or standing on tables
- Mirrors, lamps and light fixtures

Pairs add flexibility too. You can easily move them to change the function of a room for a party or other event. And if you buy new furniture, a pair of items is easier to re-arrange in the same room or settle harmoniously into another room. Even when you move, pairs of home elements are more flexible to fit into a new house and new decor.

The pairing concept can be applied to colors too. Selecting a color palette for your home with two complementary colors is an effective decorating strategy. For example:
- Brown and Ivory
- Indian Red and Sage Green
- Black and White
- Chocolate Brown and Powder Blue

Let’s sum it up. One plus one is more than two in home fashions. Decorating in pairs makes a beautiful design statement.


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