Spring Colors

With a change in season comes a shift in weather, refreshed attire, and most importantly - a new color palette. Each season has it’s own feeling, its own smell, and its own colors. Whether through fashion or d├ęcor, the persona of Spring is represented every year through the hues that we choose to emphasize. 

What makes Spring colors? Well, look around. As the temperature gets warmer, “cold” colors funnel in. It’s the lighter blue of the sky, the sweeter orange of the tropics, the romantic purple of the violet flowers in bloom. It’s the pastel yellow, zesty lime green, and blossom rose with a pop of magenta! 
Spring colors represent revival and rejuvenation. As ambassadors of style and design, we camouflage ourselves by highlighting mother nature’s greatest shades (of color). These colors can be used creatively to brighten any room. Visit the Hunter Douglas website for inspiring products inspired by the 
uplifting feeling of Spring: HunterDouglas.com 


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