Fresh Ideas for Your Home

A beautiful neutral look is all about layering,
and it’s about getting past beige.

We’ve all heard that beige is boring, but neutral colors are not just about beige. The key to using neutrals is to

Think beyond beige. Open your mind to soft grays, creamy ivories, light browns and taupes. A neutral color scheme can also include light, washed-out shades of blue, yellow, green, pink and purple.

Do you have a dramatic view outside your windows? A sparkling city skyline, a tree-filled forest scene or a beautiful seascape? A neutral decorating scheme is perfect because it helps focus your visitors’ eyes on the view instead of the room itself.

Neutral can go traditional or modern, formal or informal. And in any style, it makes a room feel calm, relaxing, soft and serene.

• Think natural wood and stone for

• Take a look at textured linens,
soft cottons and elegant silks for

• Consider natural grasses and sisals
for rugs, wallcoverings and window

• Entertain the idea of tone-on-tone
embroidered fabrics for furniture
and draperies.

• You can even layer your rugs. Use
a square or rectangular neutral rug
on the bottom, then an irregularly
shaped rug with a bolder color or
pattern on top.

Add small touches of color to add interest – pillows, vases, flowers, rugs, and throws. You can make a room look warmer by adding accents in reds, oranges or browns. Or make it look cooler by adding blue,
Looking for a sophisticated sense of peace and quiet? Think layers of neutrals!
green or lavender.
layer the delicate hues and vary the finishes. It’s about balancing humble fabrics with sophisticated finishes, mixing light and heavy fabrics, and using the subtle variations among neutral colors to create interest.


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