Covering odd shaped windows in Salt Lake City, Utah (2 of 2)

Continuing on with even more specialty shapes and design challenges with hard to cover windows:

French Doors:

French doors are distinguishable because both sides open as opposed to only one. While virtually any Hunter Douglas window fashion can be outfitted for French doors, keep in mind that they are typically mounted "outside" of the opening (beyond the glass frame), which may require the use of extension brackets or spacer blocks for proper handle clearance. Regardless of which product you choose, you'll enjoy a beautiful look and greater lighting control and energy efficiency.


Cut-outs provide on opportunity to cover windows with unique architectural elements and are suggested for clearance around obstructions such as door handles, window cranks and levers on operable windows. Creating a truly customized look, many Hunter Douglas window fashions are available in a variety of cut-out shapes, including bottom side, center and even headrail cut-outs.


Ideal for daylighting, skylights also present a challenge, as they contribute significantly to solar heating. With Hunter Douglas window fashions, particularly those from our honeycomb shade collection, solar heating from skylights is dramatically reduced.


Offering a selection of popular Hunter Douglas sheers, shades and shutters. many of our sidelight specialty shapes also come in stationary or operable configurations. Whether you are looking to cover narrow windows flanking a doorway or a dramatic living room window set, you'll enjoy greater privacy and natural lighting control with our versatile sidelight applications.


Top-down/bottom-up window fashions allow you to block unwanted views while still giving you access to natural light. The ultimate in versatility and available on a wide selection of honeycomb shades. Roman shades and window shadings, you can operate the window fashions from the top down, the bottom up on combination to meet your privacy and lighting needs.

Hexagons, Octagons:

Whether you have a six-sided hexagonal or eight-sided octagonal window, Hunter Douglas has more than a dozen window fashion styles to accommodate this uniquely shaped window. This includes some of our most popular sheers, shades, honeycomb, and our Bridgeway® specialty shapes collection.


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