Provenance® Woven Woods




There’s something so magical about light pouring through bamboo, reeds and grasses. Discover how this can change the feeling of your home with Provenance® Style.  A unique blend of wood, reeds, grasses and bamboo. These exotic pairings of nature result in stunning combinations that filter the amount of light
entering the room. 
_The optional classic woven wood shade cascades fabric from the front of the headrail so there’s no need for a valance.

_ Edge banding, decorative hems and trim options allow you to customize your shades.

_ Enjoy extra privacy with light filtering and room-darkening fabric opacity options. 

_Optional applications include Top-Down/Bottom-Up, and mounting two or three shades on one headrail.

_ Angled windows can easily be covered with Provenance woven wood shades.

_Gentle five-inch fabric folds  form when Provenance shades are raised. The fabric lays flat when in the lowered position.

 • Slim-profile turned headrail — For narrow mounting depths and door-mounted shades.Reduces mounting depth by 1".

Decorative valances — Four styles to choose from to create a shade that’s unique for every home.

Light control — Flat fabric and micropleat liners in light-filtering and room-darkening opacities.

Cord shroud — Reduces access to the lift cords for enhanced child and pet safety.

Superior craftsmanship — Our fabric construction and specialized weaving techniques minimize the bowing and twisting inherent to wood and grass shades.

Provenance® Woven Woods combine traditional styling, natural materials and ultramodern technology.


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