Duette Architella Shades

To start out, I will introduce you to our number one seller, the Duette Architella shades. We sell more of theses shades then any other product because they are so versatile, they go with practically any style of decor, but the number one reason we sell so many is the energy efficiency these shades offer.

There is nothing else in the market like the Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade Collection. These shades have a state of the art, patented, honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design offering the industry's highest level of energy efficiency. In fact, these shades are so energy efficient they can reduce energy loss up to 50%. 

Who doesn't want to be more energy efficient these days? I put these in my own home in my Master Bedroom where we had some 2" blinds before in a bay window. It was always so cold in that room, so we decided to put some Duette Architellla shades in and it made a huge difference. It actually feels warm and cozy in that room now.

The Duette Architella shades offer a variety of options.

-Vibrant colors-multiple fabric layers prevent color from being washed out by bright light.

-Crisp pleats-Trupleat inner cells support the weight of the shade, so outer cells never flatten.

-Light control and privacy options-Semi opaque and opaque fabrics as well as the very cool top-down, bottom up feature that allows you to open the shade both from the bottom as well as the top which is perfect if you want to let light in without losing privacy.

-Patented operating systems-like Ultraglide with it's easy click and walk away operating system.

-Child and Pet safety-Cordless lifting systems, such as literise, ultraglide's retractable cord.


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